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    Wild Game Processing   

Colorado Homestead Ranches processes wild game at Homestead Market located at 101 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO.  We will process Elk, Deer, Bear, Antelope, and Buffalo.  We do not process anything with feathers.  Our regular store hours are:

Monday - Saturday

9:30 am - 5:30 pm

We will take in wild game after hours, please call (970) 527-5655 to set up after hours processing or to receive additional contact information.  If store is closed for the day, please call (970) 527-4397 or (970) 527-4350.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Meat "left" at our store longer than 14 days will be stored in lockers and charged $10 per week, per locker.

Prices for Washed, De-Boned, Packaged, Double Wrapped, & Frozen:

Animal Price
Elk $100 minimum...85 per hanging wt., $1.30 per pound if De-boned
Deer $50 minimum...85 per hanging wt., $1.30 per pound if De-boned
Bear $160 per head

Prices for De-bone, Bag, and Freeze Packaging:

Animal Price
Elk $50.00 Minimum, 50 per pound
Deer $50.00 Minimum, 50 per pound

Additional Prices for Skinning and Hide

Animal Price
Elk $45.00
Deer $35.00
Bear $85.00
Caping $60, $100, or $125

Prices for chill only:

Chill only up to 3 days is $40.00 per head and animal must be skinned.

    Bulk Sausage:

We can make 1#, 1 1/2#, or 2# packages for $2.25 per pound.  We only use your meat for your sausage.

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